Replace or Repair…The Million Dollar Question

While most fencing materials are meant to last for many years, nothing lasts forever. And even if it did, it sure wouldn’t look pretty. Chances are you’ve come to the point where your fence is either an eyesore or is starting to have structural issues and you’re considering repair or replacement. Although there are some issues that can easily be repaired either by you or a professional, if your older fence is starting to deteriorate it may be time to consider replacement. While every fence is different here are a few considerations to help you decide if a fence replacement project may be in your near future.

With almost any wood fence, decay is inevitable but especially with wood of inferior quality. Wood decay weakens your fence over time and eventually compromises the integrity and safety you come to expect from your fence. In cases of severe decay it is always safer and more cost effective to replace the fence in it’s entirety.

Rotting Fence Post

Another issue is common wood damage. Maybe you got a new puppy and he ate the bottom portion of 30% of your pickets. Perhaps your fence has dry rot, which causes unwanted odors, unsightly stains, and mold. No matter the cause of the damage, if you are noticing problems on large sections of the fence, it may be more cost effective and esthetically pleasing to replace the fence as a whole rather than repairing those sections. The best thing for your budget in this instance is to get a quote for both the repair project and the replacement project.

Worn Out Fence Wood

Now, let’s say you aren’t having any structural issues and there is no visible damage to your fence but you can’t spend one more day in your beautiful home staring out the window at that ugly fence. You have multiple options here as well. You can demo the old fence and replace it with a beautiful new fence or perhaps a custom fence . Or it might be beneficial to hire a professional to power wash your fence and then stain it. It’s all a matter of preference and depends mostly on the integrity of the fence and your budget.

Broken Picket Fence

Yes, I brought it up again…the budget. Fencing in general can be quite expensive depending on the quality of materials and size of the project. You may find that your quote for fence repair is close to or exceeds the price for fence replacement; in this instance it makes more sense to go ahead with the replacement as long as the materials quoted are superior in quality. If the materials for the replacement are inferior, the costs will certainly be considerably less but by going with lower quality materials you will be jeopardizing the integrity and life of the fence. In the end it’s really about what makes the best sense for your particular situation. No matter your budget or project size, Barrier Fence Systems is here to help you make an informed decision.