What To Expect When You’re Erecting Fence

Congratulations!! You just signed a contract to have a new fence installed on your property. Chances are you’re feeling a multitude of emotions. I’m sure you’re happy to be done with the “shopping around and price comparison” process. You’re also probably a little sad at how much money you are actually fixing to spend on a barrier to keep your kids or pets from escaping or to keep your neighbor’s kids or pets from an unwanted visit. Maybe you’re even feeling a little anxious because you’re not sure what to expect. Well, here are a few things you can anticipate over the course of your project.

How long will the process take? A standard backyard fence is roughly 150 linear feet with one pedestrian gate. Barrier Fence prides themselves on being very efficient without sacrificing quality and attention to detail. Our crews are extremely hard workers and have extensive experience in fence installation , making our standard install time for a new residential backyard fence approximately 2 days.

Residential Backyard Fence

If you are replacing your fence, it is common courtesy to let your neighbors know ahead of time that the fence will be down for a few days so that they can accommodate the needs of their animals. This will insure that the crew is able to get to work as soon as they arrive and not have to wait for loose animals to be dealt with on your dime.

The first thing the crew will do is set to work removing the old fence and stacking it on-site out of the way. There are a few options when it comes to disposal of old fence materials. Some clients choose to keep the old fencing materials for projects while others choose to haul off and dispose of the old materials on their own. Another option is to have haul off and disposal added to your contract at an additional fee. If you choose this option, the old materials will be loaded onto a trailer and hauled off for you at the end of the project. Please note, if you have any issues, it is always better to address them with the estimator you signed the contract with, not the erecting crew.

Removing Old Fence

After the old fence is removed, the crew will immediately set to work running string lines for the new fence. Once this step is completed, homeowner approval of the new lines is suggested. Once approved, posts will be set for the new fence. In residential neighborhoods, the projects are relatively small, making it impossible to bring in large equipment with drills, therefore crews will be equipped with hand tools and jackhammers for manual digging. All posts will be set in 3,000PSI Pre-Engineered Concrete. If it is raining, you can expect a delay as the concrete will need to dry and properly set before moving forward. Once the poles are set and the concrete has cured, you can expect to start seeing your new fence going up quickly. Crews will set to work installing the brackets and 2×4’s, followed by picket installation and having gates cut in as needed.

Installing Fence Brackets

The last step is Clean Up and Final Walk. Once the fence is completed, it is important for you to inspect the material and construction quality to make sure it meets your standards. Again, if you have any issues, it is important to address them right away with your estimator so adjustments can be made.

Completed Fence

Now, that wasn’t worth stressing over, was it?