• The Horizontal Fence Trend

    Chances are, if you’ve been searching fences on the big wide web or Pinterest, you’ve come across pictures of beautiful, elegant fences with horizontal pickets. While there are many variations of horizontal fences, each offers it’s own set of unique qualities. Horizontal pickets can come in multiple sizes and can be arranged in many different patterns.

    You can frame out the horizontal panels and add a cap to give your project a polished look.

    Horizontal Fence

    You can also use horizontal fencing to stair step up/down a sloped yard.

    Horizontal Fence

    You can even use horizontal pickets on a large slide gate to give it an elegant look.

    Horizontal Fence

    While horizontal fencing usually comes at a higher price, it leaves many options for creating just the right look for your space. If you are looking for horizontal fence inspiration, check out this link for 1000+ Ideas.

    1000+ Horizontal Fence Ideas