Keep Your Fence Looking Perfect with These 5 Easy Maintenance Tips

A privacy fence around your yard is ideal, not only for privacy but also for staying safe and adding style to your home. However, fences do require regular maintenance; without it, they’ll rot and wither away until they need to be replaced. Luckily, regular maintenance isn’t just possible, it’s ridiculously easy if you have the right knowledge and tools. These 5 easy maintenance tips will ensure your fence lasts for years to come.

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1. Apply a Wood Preservative

Wood posts are stuck into the ground, and that makes them susceptible to both moisture and bugs. The part of the posts that stays above the ground can also become worn from moisture, exposure to the elements, wind, rain, and sun. Apply a wood preservative to keep the wood in the best condition possible when you first install your new fence. Doing so will avoid the typical daily wear and damage, ensuring that your new installation stays protected from elemental damage at all times.

2. Remove Bushes and Vines

It may seem harmless to let bushes and vines grow around your fence, but it can cause a great deal of damage—often more than people realize. These elements pull in extra moisture from the ground, making your posts rot faster and causing the wood to split. They can also scratch at the surface of your fence, removing the protectant and exposing the underlying wood. Remove any bushes and vines as soon as you see them growing.

3. Clean the Fence Regularly

No matter what type of fence you have, it is always wise to clean it regularly. Even with the protectant spread on thickly, you will still experience damage if the fence is layered in dirt. Never use harsh cleansers; they’ll strip off the coating. Instead, use a mild household detergent and a scrub brush to remove dirt and stains.

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4. Add a Support Rail

Most fences will start to loosen and become unstable over time. Rather than having to replace entire posts, simply add a support rail. Nail the rail into the center, going across the other posts to provide the best support. Deck screws are especially well-suited for this task.

5.Clear Snow in the Winter

While some cities don’t see as much snowfall, many still get a bit of precipitation in the winter. Any amount of snow, or even cold rain, can cause damage to a fence, making it essential to clear off whatever sticks right away. Brush the snow off the fence and make sure there is no snow around the base, either. It will only bring in more moisture, causing the fence to rot away faster.

Keep your privacy fence looking perfect with these five easy-peasy maintenance tips. It doesn’t take much to ensure your fence stays in pristine condition and continues to do its job! Need a new fence installed, or want to explore new options? Contact Barrier Fence today.