• Wood Privacy Fence vs. Metal Privacy Fence: Pros and Cons

    There are two general options available when you want to install a privacy fence around your backyard or another area of the home: wood and metal. Both have the advantages and disadvantages you need to be aware of to help you decide which fencing material is best for your needs.

    Wood Fences

    Wood is a popular choice for many homeowners. Wood comes in a variety of different styles, from pine to cedar. It can be stained to bring out the natural beauty of the wood or painted to complement the exterior colors of the home. Other advantages include:

    • Wood is easier to work with than metal. You can cut wood if you need to alter its size during installation.
    • Wood is easier to install. You only need screws or nails to secure fence sections to the posts.
    • Wood tends to have a lower upfront cost than metal.
    • Fence repairs can be easier. If part of a wood fence needs to be repaired because panels were damaged or posts need to be replaced, you only have to fix that part of the fence.


    Even with these benefits, there are some drawbacks to wood fences you should know.

    • Wood requires regular maintenance. You will need to stain or paint the fence annually to help maintain its appearance and protect the wood against rot and pests.
    • Wood will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Even with regular maintenance, the elements will win out and require you to install a new fence at some point.

    Metal Fences

    You have several options available in metal from aluminum to wrought iron and chain link. Some of the benefits of choosing a metal fence for your home include:

    • Metal fences require little-to-no maintenance. The metals are coated to help prevent corrosion and rust.
    • Metal fences can be sturdier in extreme weather. Chain link and wrought iron perform better against high winds, hail, and other types of severe weather.
    • Metal fences can last longer than wood. Metal is more durable and tends to last for a longer period of time.

    Metal Fences

    Just like wood fences, metal fences do have their drawbacks, too.

    • Metal fences have a higher initial upfront investment. While they do cost a bit more, keep in mind your maintenance costs are less and the fence does last longer.
    • Metal fence designs can limit the styles and types of fences for your home.
    • Fence repairs could be more cumbersome. Metal fences normally come in panel sections, and if part of a section is damaged the entire panel has to be replaced.

    Both wood and metal have specific benefits and disadvantages. If you are “on the fence” about which material to use, an alternative option some people are using is a mixture of metal and wood to create unique fence designs for their homes.

    For assistance in choosing the right fence materials or to request a free quote for fence installation in Austin, TX, please feel free to contact Barrier Fence at (512) 354-4409 today!

  • Common Fence Repair Tools Required to Fix Fences

    There are several common fence repair tools you need if you want to fix your fence on your own as a “DIY” project. It is important you have access to these tools ahead of time, to ensure your fence is properly and correctly repaired.

    • Drill: If you are using screws to secure the fencing together, you will want a drill to remove old screws, as well as to pre-tap new holes for new screws.
    • Drill Bits: You will need drill bits to pre-tap new holes for nails or screws.
    • Screw-Tip Drill Bits: These types of bits are great to use for screwing or unscrewing screws.
    • Screws or Nails: You will need the right type of fencing screws and nails to secure new or existing fencing to posts after making repairs.

    Common Fence Repair Tools

    • Shovel: A shovel is necessary when you need to replace damaged fence posts. Even if you use a digging tool, spreading and moving the dirt is much easier with a shovel.
    • Hammer: If you are working with wood fencing, you will need a hammer to remove or pound in new nails.
    • Safety Goggles: You need to protect your eyes from flying debris.
    • Gloves: You also need to protect your hands from splinters, sharp edges, and so on.
    • Pliers: Pliers are great to have to get to hard-to-reach and tiny parts and components. Pliers also work great if you have to fix a gate and need to hold a nut in place while tightening a bolt.
    • Post-Hole Digger/Auger: These tools help make digging new fence post holes easier and faster.
    • Digging Bar: This tool works wonders when you need to loosen the dirt around fence posts that need to be replaced, as well as for lifting them out of the ground.
    • Fencing: You will need ample fencing, fence posts, and other such materials to fix broken and damaged fences.
    • Cutting Tools: You will need various cutting tools to cut new sections of fencing. These could include a circular saw, metal cutters, and others, depending on the type of fencing you have.
    • Level: If you want to verify the fence remains level while making repairs, you need this tool.


    • Paint or Stain: If you are fixing wood fencing, you will want to seal any new sections or posts you add.
    • Painting/Staining Supplies: You will need paint brushes, rollers, and other such supplies to seal new fencing sections and posts.
    • Trailer or Wagon: You will want a trailer or wagon to haul all of your tools and replacement fencing to where you need to work.

    You do need to keep in mind that the types of tools you will require are based on the type of fence you have installed and what repairs are required. As such, you may need additional tools not listed here to fix your fence. For instance, you might need a welding torch for making certain ornamental metal fence repairs.
    If you lack these tools or the scope of the repair is beyond your abilities, you can get help from our qualified fence contractors. For more information about fence repairs or new installations, please feel free to contact Barrier Fence at (512) 354-4409 today!

  • Ways to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays

    Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays One of the biggest ways to celebrate the holiday season is by decorating our homes inside and out. There’s nothing more festive than lights, garlands, and wreaths. If you want to take your decorations to a whole new level this year, don’t leave out your fence ! No matter if you have a wooden fence or an ornamental iron fence, it’s the perfect blank canvas that you can accessorize to finish off your outdoor holiday look. Keep reading for holiday decor options that are sure to wow everyone who passes your home.

    Mini Lights

    When you think of holiday decorations, you probably immediately think of lights. Lights are one of the easiest and most exciting ways to add some color and sparkle to your fence. They can be draped, or you can use lights to outline the length of your privacy fence. For a classic and elegant look, use white lights. On the other hand, if you’re all about colors when decorating for the holidays, use multi-colored lights. You can even use twinkle or icicle lights for a unique effect.

    Be sure you have a long extension cord available, as well as electric tape and saran wrap to protect the light outlets. If you’re hanging lights on an iron or chain link fencing in Austin, you’ll need to be extra careful to prevent the lights from breaking.

    Decorate fence for holidays

    Garlands & Wreaths

    Fresh garlands accessorized with bows, lights, and even ornaments will make your fence look beautiful. You can choose to drape garlands over the entire length of the fence or create swags that are equally spaced. Garlands work best on longer fences. If you don’t have a lot of fence to decorate, hanging a wreath is a beautiful addition. A statement wreath with a big bow or mini lights adds a nice touch to the outskirts of your lawn.

    Use Wooden Letters

    A fence is the perfect backdrop to add a holiday greeting. You can find wooden letters at a local craft store. Paint them colors that match your outdoor decor. Be sure to spell out a word such as noel, joy, or merry. Wooden letters will look great on any fence but can add a rustic touch to a modern iron fence in Austin. For an added touch, accent the letters with garlands, lights, or both!

    Count on Us for Your Austin Fence Needs

    It’s the holiday season, and there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a new or improved fence! Once springtime comes back around, you can enjoy your outdoor oasis with the added privacy of a fence. If you’re looking for fence contractors to install or repair your fence, look no further than Barrier Fence. We specialize in wood fencing in Austin TX as well as iron gates in Austin.

    At Barrier Fence, we have a combined 125 years of experience in fence installation in Austin TX. You can count on our Austin fence company to install fences of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Contact us today at (512) 709-8467 to learn more about fencing options.

  • Best Types of Fences for Pets and Livestock

    Deciding on what type of fence is best for your pets or livestock depends on several factors, which range from the type of fencing materials to the style of fencing and aesthetics. Let’s first look at how to select residential fencing in Austin, Texas for pets , then we will turn our attention to livestock fencing.

    Fences for Pets and Livestock

    Fencing for Pets

    Fencing in your back yard or a section of it can create a safe area for your pet to explore the outdoors with minimal supervision and protection from predators. The most important consideration you need to evaluate is what type of fencing materials will match the size of your pet and its ability to crawl under or jump over the fence.

    For smaller pets, a chain link fence is a great choice. The small links will keep your pet confined and prevent them from crawling through or jumping or climbing over it. Another fencing option is a wood fence with no gaps in between the boards. A wood fence offers several benefits over chain link fences, including:

    • Increased Privacy
    • Higher Aesthetic Appeal
    • Improved Safety

    For larger dogs, iron ornamental fencing might be a good choice. This type of fencing does have gaps in between, where smaller pets could get out, but it does stop larger pets from fitting through the openings. Plus, they add to the beauty of your backyard without restricting views if you want to maintain an open and airy feeling.

    Here at Barrier Fence, we offer chain link, wood, and iron ornamental fences and can custom design a solution that works best for your home!

    Fencing for Livestock

    Since most livestock consists of larger animals, two popular choices are either metal fences or wooden farm-style fences. Metal fences come in a wide variety of sizes to fit the size of the livestock being contained. They can be designed using metal posts with barbed wire along the top to stop people from climbing over the fence and gaining access.

    Some styles of metal fences are also able to be electrified to stop livestock from trying to push on the fence. Gates can be incorporated into the design to fit your needs. Some people like having a main entrance gate with another smaller fenced in area and a second gate for access to the pen area. This setup works great for any livestock that likes to attempt to run out of the gate.

    Fencing for Livestock

    Wooden farm-style fences are well-suited for containing medium to large livestock animals. Plus, they offer aesthetic appeal over metal fencing. The design of wooden fences can range from shorter fence styles, like for sheep or goat pens, to larger and taller fences for cattle.

    To learn more about fencing options for your home, farm, or agricultural property, please feel free to contact Barrier Fence at (512) 354-4409 today! We offer a free consultation appointment to discuss your fencing needs and help you determine the best fencing solution for your pets and livestock.

  • Signs It Is Time for a New Fence

    Fences add beauty and charm to your property and provide privacy but, eventually, fences need more than annual TLC and will need to be replaced. If you are on the “fence” about whether it is time for new fence installation in Austin, TX or the surrounding area, or whether you can get a few more years out of the fencing with some repairs, take some time to review the following.

    Fence Installation Austin, TX Wood Fences

    If you notice rotting boards or sections where boards are coming off, it is probably time to get a new fence. If the fence is leaning and will no longer stand up straight, this is also a sign you should invest in a new fence. Typically, this is caused by the wood support posts rotting underground. Other indications wood fencing is nearing the end of its life include:

    • Cracks and Splits in the Wood – This often indicates the wood is drying out and weakening and will only continue to get worse.
    • Grayish and/or Yellowish Colored Stains – These types of stains signify the wood is starting to rot.
    • Mold, Mildew, or Moss Growth – In damp and humid areas, this is a common problem with older fences.
    • Small Holes in the Wood – If you start noticing small holes in the wood, this is a sign of wood-eating pests. By the time you notice these, it is almost impossible to save the wood.

    Barrier Fence uses Wester Red Cedar, which contains a natural repellent against rot, decay, and bugs. A new wood fence from Barrier Fence will be sure to last through the wear and tear of Texas weather and bugs, so you won’t have to replace your fence for a good while!

    Fence Contractor Austin Chain Link Fences

    Chain link fences are prone to rusting after the protective galvanized coatings wear off. If there are only a few sections or locations where rust is evident, you could sand the area and paint the fence to extend its usability. However, if support posts, gates, and specific links have rusted all the way through, then it is time for a new fence.

    Ornamental Iron Fences

    Just like chain link fences, ornamental iron fences are prone to rust if the paint and finish protecting the underlying iron wear off. If rust has gotten out of hand or sections are completely rusted through, it is better to get a new fence.

    A Word About Fence Repairs

    With fence repairs, the thing you need to remember is you are only replacing specific sections of the fence. The other materials will continue to age, and your fence could get to the point where repairs can start to be more costly than investing in a new fence. So, even though repairs might seem cheaper initially, you do need to consider the long-term costs.

    If your fence is showing signs of wear and tear and age, and you are not sure whether it is better to repair or replace the fence, please feel free to contact Barrier Fence at (512) 354-4409 to arrange an in-home consultation to discuss your needs today!

  • Keep Your Fence Looking Perfect with These 5 Easy Maintenance Tips

    A privacy fence around your yard is ideal, not only for privacy but also for staying safe and adding style to your home. However, fences do require regular maintenance; without it, they’ll rot and wither away until they need to be replaced. Luckily, regular maintenance isn’t just possible, it’s ridiculously easy if you have the right knowledge and tools. These 5 easy maintenance tips will ensure your fence lasts for years to come.

    Fence Looking Perfect

    1. Apply a Wood Preservative

    Wood posts are stuck into the ground, and that makes them susceptible to both moisture and bugs. The part of the posts that stays above the ground can also become worn from moisture, exposure to the elements, wind, rain, and sun. Apply a wood preservative to keep the wood in the best condition possible when you first install your new fence. Doing so will avoid the typical daily wear and damage, ensuring that your new installation stays protected from elemental damage at all times.

    2. Remove Bushes and Vines

    It may seem harmless to let bushes and vines grow around your fence, but it can cause a great deal of damage—often more than people realize. These elements pull in extra moisture from the ground, making your posts rot faster and causing the wood to split. They can also scratch at the surface of your fence, removing the protectant and exposing the underlying wood. Remove any bushes and vines as soon as you see them growing.

    3. Clean the Fence Regularly

    No matter what type of fence you have, it is always wise to clean it regularly. Even with the protectant spread on thickly, you will still experience damage if the fence is layered in dirt. Never use harsh cleansers; they’ll strip off the coating. Instead, use a mild household detergent and a scrub brush to remove dirt and stains.

    Fencing Austin Texas

    4. Add a Support Rail

    Most fences will start to loosen and become unstable over time. Rather than having to replace entire posts, simply add a support rail. Nail the rail into the center, going across the other posts to provide the best support. Deck screws are especially well-suited for this task.

    5.Clear Snow in the Winter

    While some cities don’t see as much snowfall, many still get a bit of precipitation in the winter. Any amount of snow, or even cold rain, can cause damage to a fence, making it essential to clear off whatever sticks right away. Brush the snow off the fence and make sure there is no snow around the base, either. It will only bring in more moisture, causing the fence to rot away faster.

    Keep your privacy fence looking perfect with these five easy-peasy maintenance tips. It doesn’t take much to ensure your fence stays in pristine condition and continues to do its job! Need a new fence installed, or want to explore new options? Contact Barrier Fence today.

  • Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fence

    With so many fencing options available, it’s difficult to choose the best fence possible. You need to consider a plethora of aspects before you can settle on a single choice. From features to safety, it can all quickly become overwhelming when you’re interested in installing a new fence at your home or commercial property. This beginner’s guide to choosing the perfect fence, whether you install with fence contractors or as a DIY project, will help you make the right decision for your property.

    Choosing the Perfect Fence

    Material, Design, and Color

    The material, design, and color of your fence should be one of the first aspects you consider. You need to decide how you want your fence to look. Do you want a light wooden rustic look, or do you prefer dark wood with a unique design that makes your home stand out? Maybe the white picket fence look is more your style. Consider which options work best with your home’s standard design.


    The height of the fence is also important. A low fence will allow others to still see inside your yard and provide more light, and this is fine if you simply need to set up a perimeter around your land, but it won’t give you any privacy. If you have pets, you will naturally need a taller fence to prevent them from jumping over or escaping.


    The maintenance and upkeep of your fence are also important. You will spend at least minimal time cleaning off your posts or performing other cleaning tasks that will keep the wood free from rot. If you don’t mind the extra maintenance duties, you can pick the option with more upkeep. If you don’t have the time for regular maintenance, a fence with less upkeep, such as vinyl fencing, will prove ideal.


    The safety of everyone in your home is of the utmost importance. If you have kids or pets, you need to consider the level of safety your new fence provides. Having a lock on your fence will ensure that kids can’t slip out, while a tall fence will ensure that your dog cannot climb out of the yard and venture forth on an adventure across town. High-tech fence options with passcodes provide an even greater layer of security against intrusions.


    The privacy of your family is one of the most important reasons for getting a fence in the first place. A short style that doesn’t block your neighbor’s view isn’t going to give you the privacy you desire. A taller fence with added security is the best way to ensure your family gets their privacy and that you are able to better enjoy the outdoors, free from prying eyes.

    Home Value

    The home value of your house usually rises a bit after a fence is installed. If you want your home value to increase dramatically, install a fancier fence. A short wood fence around the perimeter will only increase your home’s value by a tiny amount. A more complex cast iron fence with filigrees, in contrast, will raise the value significantly higher. The more money you spend on adding the enclosure, the more the value of your house can potentially rise.

    With decisions like these made well in advance, you can finally settle on the right barrier fence for your yard. Need help with installation or ordering? Contact Barrier Fence today for guidance.

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