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Game and Ranch Fence Projects

When it comes to protecting your farm or ranch we have many options to suit your needs. Maybe is just a crop field or it could be a high-fence ranch with very expensive game animals. We provide the right products paired with a professional installation so that you can rest easy that the fence will be up for decades. Many products for these applications are very cheap. So, trusting who does your work can be your biggest decision. The products we use will not fail you when a cow tests it. We have installed way too many miles of all types and sizes of these products to count.

wire fence around field

Game and Ranch Fencing

Game and Ranch Fences come in many heights and types depending on the animal you are looking to hold or property boundary to protect. Cows typically have a 4’ fence with 5 strands of barb wire, while goats, sheep and the like require a mesh since they can get out of a typical barb wire fence. Deer and Exotics will have an 8’ fence with mesh to prevent them from escaping. Ranches looking to protect their property boundaries are usually 99% a 4’ tall 5 strand barb wire fence. We also provide split rail fencing, pipe fences and more. Whatever your needs are Barrier Fence LLC has you covered.

Ranch Fencing Repairs

If a fence breaks on your ranch, it could mean more than just another chore. It could allow your livestock to escape resulting in the loss of time and money. Our team can quickly and effectively repair your ranch fence. From single barriers to a large section of fencing, you can count on us. We have the tools and materials to match your existing fence and restore it to its previous state.

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