• 12 Questions to Ask Expert Fence Contractors Prior to Fence Installation

    Whether you are installing a new fence or replacing a worn-out one, there are several important questions you will want to ask expert fence contractors . The first thing you will want to do is arrange a consultation with the contractors at your home. The reason you want to host the meeting is so that the contractors can see your property and help gain a better understanding of your needs.


    1. What types of fencing materials do you install?

    There are different types of fencing materials, from wood and composites to aluminum and iron. You want to choose a material that will best meet your needs.

    1. Do you have a list of references I can contact?

    Reputable contractors will have a list of reference you can contact to get feedback about the contractor and their workmanship.

    1. Do you have a portfolio of completed projects I can see?

    Expert contractors will take pictures, with the homeowner’s permission, of their finished projects and share these with prospective customers.

    1. Are you licensed and insured, and can you provide proof?

    You want to make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. They should be willing to provide you a copy of their license and insurance coverage.

    1. Do you obtain any necessary building permits or do I?

    Experienced fence installers will normally obtain any necessary permits, but, sometimes, they may require you to do so.

    1. Do you provide a written itemized quote?

    Trustworthy contractors will be happy to provide a written itemized quote for your fence installation project.

    1. Are there any hidden or additional charges I need to be aware of?

    It is recommended you require the contractor to include these in the itemized quote so everything is clear and concise.

    1. What type of warranty is offered for the fence?


    Certain fencing materials will include a limited warranty against defects, and you need to know what is and is not covered.

    1. What type of warranty is there on workmanship?

    Most contractors will offer a warranty on workmanship because they want their customers to be happy with the finished fence.

    1. Do you offer finishing services?

    Some people want their fence painted or stained after it is installed. If you do, then you will want to know if your contractor can do this work, too.

    1. Will you haul my old fence away?

    If you are having an old fence replaced, you need to know if you’ll have to make arrangements to dispose of the old fence.

    1. Do you contact local utilities or do I?

    Your utility companies will need to be contacted prior to installing a fence so they can mark water lines and electrical and cable lines.
    By asking these and any other questions you might have during your consultation, you can find the best Austin fence installers and contractors, like us at Barrier Fence. We invite you to contact us at (512) 354-4409 to schedule a consultation appointment today